Members of GrantXpert are authorised VET trainers and experienced EU Project Managers. The GX team has cumulative experience of more than 30 years in providing training courses and consulting services to adults that aim to enhance leadership, employability and soft skills, foster entrepreneurial mindset, and empower young adults, especially females and underrepresented individuals, to start their own business. GX implements the Microsoft for Start-ups programme together in collaboration with EUC.

European University - Cyprus

Members from the Computer Science department of European University – Cyprus have expertise in designing and delivery courses on cybersecurity, AI, data science, cloud, programming, software development and 3D printing. EUC is already delivering short-term courses to university students and job seekers focusing on digital skills. EUC also operates the Start-up Centre powered by Microsoft. EUC members will utilise their experience in training courses in key areas and knowledge in key technologies to implement the CONVERT project successfully.

Nicosia Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (NCCI)

Nicosia Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (NCCI) was founded in 1952 and is federally affiliated with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI). The NCCI geographically covers the city and the province of Nicosia, Kyrenia and Morphou. Since then, NCCI went through various stages of development which led to its present structure which is considered to be the most successful form of organization of the Nicosia enterprises. It is a private non-profit organization financially independent. The chamber is governed by a 20 member council which is elected by it’s members. The Nicosia Chamber is represented at the CCCI through its elected representatives.

Institute Of Entrepreneurship Development

Institute Of Entrepreneurship Development offers through its Academy several up-to-date training programmes to businesses and SMEs on key ITC areas, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Digital Analytics. iED is a certified Centre of Excellence in European entrepreneurship and a Digital Innovation Hub. iED also is the Coordinator of a Designated European Digital Innovation Hub (EIDH) in Greece titled: “Health Hub: Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry Transformation through Artificial Intelligence Digital Services”.


DIGIAN implements a Top Remote Learning Hub for students and young professionals, offering asynchronous, self-paced training leading to globally recognised digital badges and connections with companies who are looking in hiring talent. It offers more than 30 courses in IT, Software Engineering, coding, Data Science, HR, Business, Digital Marketing and Healthcare & Bioinformatics. DIGIAN has trained more 6200 individuals so far, 5112 of whom have completed one of their training courses. DIGIAN works with global providers like Credly to provide certification badges.

Association Of Thessalian Enterprises and Industries

Association Of Thessalian Enterprises and Industries is the heart of the economic activity and business world in Thessaly and it also represents and established social partner, who resolutely contributes to the creation of favourable conditions for business activities, enterprises and all of the economic development in general.


CESIE ETS is accredited as VET provider by the region of Sicily. CESIE has extensive experience in coordination and implementation of EU projects and is committed to promoting cultural, social, educational and economic development, as well as improving the supply of quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of low-qualified adults. CESIE’s projects’ outputs and results are published on CESIE’s digital library for sustainability and exploitation purposes.

Privanova SAS

Privanova SAS is a Paris-based leading provider of privacy compliance and risk management solutions, with a focus on GDPR compliance. PN operates at the interface between compliance, technology and policy. The team includes former INTERPOL, UN and EU professionals experienced in managing the whole EU project life-cycle. PN also has access to the INTERPOL Cybercrime Knowledge Exchange (CKE) – a secured digital environment facilitating communication and intelligence exchange between police forces and other stakeholders on cybercrime-related issues.


INFINITIVITY DESIGN LABS is an IT development company and VET provider focusing on designing sustainable, meaningful and intrinsically motivating learning experiences. IDL focuses on 3 main activities: a) game-based learning, gamification and digital storytelling; b) instructional design, training and usability; and c) Artificial Intelligence. IDL also specialises in Big Data analysis and has developed several gamification and digital storytelling approaches and frameworks for the industry & academia and possesses considerable knowhow both for the creation of gamified interactive content but also for interactive storytelling.


ALL DIGITAL AISBL (previously known as Telecentre Europe) is a leading pan-European association based in Brussels, representing member organisations across Europe that work with 25,000 digital competence centres. The organization focuses to support Europeans that have an insufficient level of digital skills. That means that they’re having less chances to find work, to use online services, to have a better quality of life, to be included in today’s society.